United States of Amreica

Capital -                Washington D. C
Languages -          English &  Spanish
Official Currency -   US $ (USD)
Climate -     Mostly  temperate,  but tropical in Hawaii & Florida, arctic in alaska, Semi-arid in the great planes west of the Mississippi river and arid in the Great Basin of the South West.
Time Difference -   Washington  9  Hours 30 Minutes behind.

Why choose USA ?

The American dream. The  higher  education  sector in the US is a buyers market. You can actually demand, and get, what is best for you.

American society is enormously diverse and  complex. Important differences exist between  geographical  regions,  between  rural  and  urban areas, and between social  classes.  In  addition,  the presence of millions of immigrants who came to the United States from all corners of the world with their own culture and values adds even more variety and flavor to American life.

Nearly 600,000  students  from all over the world came to the United States last year  to  study  at  both  undergraduate  and  graduate levels. Without a doubt, America  offers  very high quality postsecondary education. There are more than 4,000  public  and  private  colleges,  universities, and community colleges in the United  States,  including over 600 public four-year colleges and universities and over  1,650  private  four - year   colleges  and  universities.  These   traditional institutions  enroll  nearly  15 million students. In addition, more than 6,250 other non - collegiate  postsecondary  institutions   offer   specialized  vocational  and technical training.

Any  student  can  find an appropriate program within the rich and diverse higher education  system.  This  is  true  whether  you  are  seeking career - oriented vocational   and  technical  training  from  a  community college,  a  liberal arts education from a small private college, an undergraduate science  degree  from a prestigious  research institution, or one of  a  variety  of programs  offered  by a multipurpose university. High quality educational programs are offered in all types of  institutions  at  prices  that vary  as  much  as the programs and institutions themselves.

The  United  States  also offers limitless opportunities for sports, recreation, and entertainment.  Cities   large   and  small  offer  numerous  indoor  and outdoor opportunities.  Almost  every  city  or town in the United States with college and university students will likely offer those students ways to kick back, run around, and have a good time.

World  class  learning  institutions  with  cutting  edge technology, endless study choices,  worldwide  recognition, a diverse mix of people and culture, flexibility in terms  of  course schedules and hours, and a globally focused course curriculum, all make the US one of the most attractive student destinations in the world.

Scholarship in the United States

Fellowships  in   USA  towards partial tuition wavier or full grant depending on the performance   in   the   previous   academic   year. Teaching  assistantships are awarded  to  postgraduate  students. Other assistantships include Administrative assistantships  and  Research  assistantships.  In  the    US over one  third  of international students receive some partial scholarships mostly after commencing their  education  program. Some  popular  ones are The Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program and the Hubert H Humphrey program.

For more information Visit on: http://usjournal.com/en/students/info/finaid.html

US Visa Myths In The Process
Student visa applicants are  very  important to  us and we will continue to give them top priority," states  Coby Lastuka, Vice  Consul at the American Consulate. About  the  student  visa  process  and  the background  of the Pakistani education system  so when  they deal  with  student visas, they know  where the students are  coming  from. We  want  to  make  everything  transparent  and  clear. Over the past few years, the numbers  of  pakistani students applying to get to the US student visa has  been  steadily  increasing. While  the  US  has  seen  an  overall drop in the numbers  of  international  students,  the  Pakistani  student  population  has   now overtaken  China's. Rumours  of  not  getting  visa  interview  dates made Pakistani students  very nervous. However, the  American  Consulate  General has made it clear that student visa appointments are relatively easier to get and the  waiting period  for a student  visa  appointment is not long. "There are reserved slots for students.

So now that you are preparing for your student visa interview, keep a few things in  mind. You need  to  demonstrate  that  you  have  the  funds to pay for your education ( the entire duration ). More importantly,  you  need to know why you have  chosen a  particular university  and  what exactly you plan to do once you complete  your  education." The  students  will have to articulate what will bring them  back to pakistan at  the end  of their studies. What they studies should have some  relationship  to  what  they  plan  to do back in  pakistan". Recently, the  American Consulate General announced that students applying for degrees  in "high  technology" areas will be subject to additional scrutiny. Before getting  into  panic  mode, consider this," It only affects 1-2 % of all applicants.

You  need to  relax about the whole student visa issue. Ignore anyone who tries to  press  your  panic  buttons  and  don't  believe  people  who say that the US student   visa  is   tricky    business. If  you   are  a  serious  student  and   can demonstrate  that  you  have adequate funds for your education and reasons to come back to pakistan , you will be issued a student visa.

All International students are required to pay $100 as a SEVIS fee after they get  admission and  finalise  one university. This fee has to be paid online on www.fmjfee.com only after you have your 1- 20 in hand.



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